Rejecting a suspect match

A data steward's inbox only displays suspect matches that are assigned to either you or a group to which you belong. You can only reject a suspect match that is assigned to you. To reject a suspect match assigned to your group, you must first re-assign it to yourself.

To reject a suspect match:

  1. In your inbox, click suspect match. Be sure not to click the HCO or HCP name.
  2. At the top right corner of the suspect match, click the No Match button.

    The Apply Suspect Match dialog appears.

  3. Type a resolution noteClosed Comments that can be used by data stewards to explain the rejection or approval of a data change request. to explain the rejection.
  4. Select the Go to next task checkbox if you want to open the next task after you apply the change.
  5. Click Apply.

    Depending on whether you chose to display the next task, the next task or the inbox appears and displays a message that the suspect match has successfully been rejected.

Rejecting suspect matches in bulk

Suspect matches can be rejected in bulk using a DCR Cleanup operation. For more information, see Cancel or reject DCRs in bulk.