Network Data Quality Reports

Network Data Quality ReportsClosed A suite of tests that quantify and summarize potential issues in customer master data. builds on Network Reporting to simplify the process of generating, presenting, and consuming reports specifically designed to highlight issues with data quality.

Network Data Quality Reporting provides the following benefits:

  • facilitates discovery and quantification of data issues
  • includes standard quality checks out of the box
  • generates email notifications when issues are identified
  • you can extend quality reports with test cases that are specific to your custom fields and data

Enabling this feature

By default, Network Data Quality Reports functionality is available in all Network instances.

  • Administrator or data manager: Run the initial Data Quality Reports wizard before users can see reports.

Note: Network Data Quality Reports are restricted by data visibility profiles. You can view any entity group allowed by your data visibility profile country and settings. By extension, you can view test casesClosed A quality report that identifies a single problem or symptom of poor data quality; for example, a list of active HCPs without active addresses. relevant to entity groupsClosed A way to group results (similar to HCPs or HCOs) for data quality analysis; for example, hospitals in France, Nurses in Germany, or MDs in the EU. allowed by your data visibility profile.

User activities

The following activities are available depending on the user type:

The System and Data Admin user role combines the full capabilities of Data Stewards and Administrators.
Activity Standard User Data Steward Data Manager Administrator
View results  
Apply report filters  
Subscribe to emails  
Run the initial wizard    
Add and update test cases and entity groups