Refreshing addresses


Address information can become out of sync between an address and its object as data is updated and changed by DCR processing and subscription updates. To identify out-of-sync addresses and sync them to the parent address again automatically, use the Refresh Schedule.

This maintenance feature ensures that your data quality is preserved using scheduled updates. If the Refresh Schedule is not used, addresses only sync again if the record containing the address is edited by a user.

This enhancement is available by default if Network Address Inheritance is enabled in your Network instance. Network reporting must be available in your instance for this feature to work.

Scheduling updates to refresh addresses

On the Data Model > Network Address Inheritance page, administrators and data managers can specify the countries that the address refresh job will apply to. Jobs can have multiple schedules to run on daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

In the Job Trigger Configuration section, define the schedule for the job and any subsequent actions that will start when this job finishes.

  • Job Schedule - Run the subscription manually or on a scheduled basis. To manually update out of sync child addresses, click Start Refresh Job to start the maintenance job.
  • Job Triggers - Trigger other actions to start after a job runs. For example, trigger a target subscription to export the updated addresses to a downstream system.

    Available triggers:

    • Send email - Specify users that should be notified for successful and unsuccessful job outcomes.
    • Start a job - Start a subsequent job when this job successfully completes.

    For more information, see Subscription job triggers.

Updating addresses

During the job, Network updates child addresses that are out of date with their synced parent address. The query looks to see if the parent address has been updated more recently than the child address. Network Address Inheritance logic runs on the child address to ensure that it's updated and in sync again. During the process of syncing HCP or HCO addresses, a new address might be found and copied to the child record.

Review the following diagram to see how Network determines if an address is out-of-sync.

The most recent address update was for the General Hospital. When address refresh job runs, the newest address is pushed down to the child entities in the hierarchy. In this example, the address of the surgical department and John Smith are both updated with the hospital's address.

Parent address status

This maintenance job only considers child addresses that have a parent_address_status_v field with the following values: Synced, Re-sync, or Disqualified. This field value can be found on the address in the profile.

Job details

When the job completes, in the Job History section click the ID link to open the Job Details page and view summary information about the job.

Revision history

When an address is changed to sync to its parent address, the change is tracked in the Revision History.

If a change is made to the record, Network business rules might run; for example, primary affiliation, primary address, or address ordinal sorting. All of these record changes are also included in the Revision History.