Records downloaded to your Network instance


When records are downloaded to your Network instance, affiliated records might also be downloaded to preserve relationship data. Depending on the filters used in target subscriptions, these records will also be sent to downstream systems (for example, Veeva CRM).

Review the following information to understand the type and number of records that are downloaded to your Network instance with each download action. The downstream systems column illustrates how records in your Network instance can be sent to downstream systems through target subscriptions (Veeva CRM also uses the Network - CRM bridge).

Note: The Ad Hoc Download and Sync with OpenData jobs perform the same actions (updating and downloading one or more records). For more information, see Downloading records from Veeva OpenData.

Veeva CRM considerations

When using the Veeva CRM Network Account Search to import an HCP record, users can select the associated Parent HCOs to import and align to the user's territory. When this feature is enabled, a dialog displays the list of related Parent HCOs to select.

To enable this feature in Veeva CRM, set the ADD_PARENTS_TO_TERRITORY_vod Network Setting to 1.

For more information, see the Adding Parent HCOs to Territory when Adding an HCP topic in the Veeva CRM Online Help.