Digital Affinity Score data subscription

Veeva OpenData subscriptions for the United States contain the option to receive a score that indicates an HCP's affinity for consuming digital data. This subscription is available to customers whose US OpenData contract allows them to download unlimited records.

There is no extra cost for enabling this subscription and receiving this data.

Enable the Digital Affinity Score subscription

The Include Digital Affinity Scores subscription can be enabled in your US OpenData subscription. If the subscription is available for your OpenData contract, select the option in the Field Level Subscriptions section and then save the subscription.

Data model fields

Administrators or Data Managers must enable the following fields to support the Digital Affinity Scores subscription:

  • affinity_score_overall_digital__v

  • affinity_score_brand_site__v

  • affinity_score_health_content__v

These fields are part of field set.

To enable the fields:

  1. In the Admin console, click Data Model and choose the Customer Master data domain.

  2. Select Health Care Professional in the Objects section .

  3. In the Fields section, find one of the fields in the set and toggle the Status bar to Enabled.

    All of the fields in the set will be enabled.

When the HCP fields are enabled and the subscription is enabled, Veeva OpenData will manage the fields and data.

Digital affinity score data updates

When you subscribe to field-level subscriptions like digital affinity scores, the data is not immediately downloaded into your Network instance the next time your OpenData subscription runs. The data will only be included in the OpenData delta export if the record has been changed by OpenData. You can request updates to specific HCP records so you can quickly receive this data instead of waiting for it to trickle into your Network instance. For more information, see Request updates to OpenData records.

Locally managing digital affinity scores

If the fields are enabled but you disable the subscription, the digital affinity score fields will be managed locally; data change requests on the fields will be sent to local data stewards.

For information about using Veeva standard fields to load local data, see Enabling data model fields.