Frequently asked questions

Do widgets handle merging records?

Merging records might be required. Merge data is provided in the target subscription, in a merge report, or the retrieve merges API.

How do I receive updates from a widget?

A file-based target subscription is used to receive updates for records inside your downstream system. While Network APIs can also be used to update records, a file-based target subscription is more appropriate and effective for larger data sets.

If my hosting application doesn't use SSO, can I still use widgets?

The host application does not need to support SSO. However, when users access the widget, they must sign in using SSO.

Do widgets search Veeva OpenData?

The widget searches for records in your Network instance and Veeva OpenData if you are subscribed to Veeva OpenData in the applicable country.

Who can access widgets?

The widgets are available to anyone with an enabled Network user account with SSO access.

How do I put a widget in Veeva CRM?

Widgets should not be embedded in Veeva CRM because a custom integration would be required to handle the complex logic of Network account search.

Is there an additional cost for the Network widgets?

No, Network widgets are included with your Customer Master license.