Editing the Influence Map


Customize the Influence Map by adding accounts, creating affiliations, and copying or removing accounts in bulk.

Add accounts

Affiliation widget users can add HCPs and HCOs to a health system view.

To add an account:

  1. Select the view that you want to add the account to. The account will be added to this view only.

  2. In the Tools section on the Influence Map tab, click Add Account. You can also add an account from the Account List tab.

    The Network Search widget opens.

  3. Select the appropriate tab (for example, the tabs might be called HCPs and HCOs) and enter the search terms.
  4. Click Search.

    Depending on your Veeva OpenData subscriptions and data visibility profile, you can search your Network instance and the Veeva OpenData database. If you add an account that is currently in the OpenData database, it will be downloaded to your Network instance.

  5. In the search results, select the button to add the account. A message displays when the account is added to the view. Click the x icon to close the message. To close the Network Search window, click the x icon.

    If an existing account wasn't found, click Create New.

    1. Select the Country and click Create Record.
    2. Provide the record information and click Review Changes.
    3. Add any relevant details to the Notes section and click Add Account.

    A data change request is routed to the appropriate data steward and the account is immediately added to the view.

When an account is added to the view it is not part of a relationship and it does not contain metric ratings. To add metrics, click the account and edit the metrics on the profile.

If the account was downloaded from Veeva OpenData, the field that you use for that entity to filter the Influence Map might not have a value. For example, if you use a custom field called HCP Role, the value will be empty. Click Edit to populate the field so this account can be included in filtering.

If the Edit button does not display, the Affiliation widget is read-only.

Create relationships and affiliations

You can draw lines between HCPs and HCOs to create relationships and affiliations.

Supported relationships


Supported affiliations


To create a relationship or affiliation:

  1. In the Tools menu, click Edit Mode.
  2. On the account, click the Add icon and draw the line to the related account.

    • Relationship - When the line is connected to each account, a dialog displays so you can include details about the relationship. The relationship is automatically approved. The line color changes from green to gray to indicate that the relationship is locally managed.

      To edit the details after a relationship is created, click the Edit icon on the connecting line. In the pop-up that displays, click Edit Details.

    • Affiliation - The affiliation is automatically approved. All affiliations are locally managed. The default affiliation is created with the following values:
      • Affiliation Type - Affiliated (AFF)
      • Direction - Neutral

      These values can be changed.

      To edit these values:

      1. Hover over the affiliation line and click the Edit icon that displays.
      2. In the pop-up, click the Affiliated field to open the Edit Relationships dialog.
      3. Click the Affiliation Type list to choose a different value.
      4. Expand the Direction list to choose the influence direction.

Bulk editing

You can select multiple HCP and HCO accounts to manage at the same time; for example, you can copy multiple accounts from one view to another custom view.

Select multiple accounts

Influence maps can contain hundreds of accounts, so using the Select Multiple button on the Tools menu helps you to manage the accounts at the same time.

To select accounts in bulk:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Select Multiple. Your mouse cursor will become a crosshair + symbol and an action bar will display at the top of the map.

    A tooltip displays when you hover over Select Multiple to explain how to select and deselect accounts and how to pan the view. The other actions on the Tools menu are dimmed and cannot be used when Select Mode is activated. You can choose Edit Mode but that will deactivate Select Mode.

  2. Click the map and drag a rectangle to select multiple accounts. The accounts become highlighted. While the accounts are highlighted, you can click other accounts to add them to the selection.

    To deselect one account when multiple accounts are highlighted, click the account. To deselect all accounts, click an empty area on the view.

  3. At the top of the map, the action bar updates to display a count of the selected accounts. For example, 7 Accounts Selected. The count updates if you select more accounts or remove a selected account.

    The following actions are available for the selected accounts:

    • Copy to - Expand the list to copy the accounts to another view. Copy to an existing view or create a new view. The existing views that are available for this product and therapeutic area are listed.

      Note: Relationships are also copied to new or existing views if both accounts are copied; the connecting line between the accounts is maintained.

      Copy the accounts to an existing view

      Choose one of the views in the list. The accounts will be copied and the view will open with the selected accounts highlighted. The accounts are added to the bottom of the view but will maintain their relative position; you can reposition them while they are still highlighted.

      If an account already exists in the view, it will not be copied; the existing account position is maintained.

      Create a new view

      Click Create New View. A new view will be added and it will open with the selected accounts copied and highlighted. The health system is not automatically added to the new view. The view will be given a default name; for example, View #1.

    • Remove - Delete the accounts from the view. In the confirmation pop-up, click Yes, Remove. The accounts are deleted from the view.

  4. You can also select multiple accounts to reposition them on the existing view. To reposition the accounts, hover over a highlighted account and your mouse cursor will become a hand. Click and drag the accounts to another place on the view.
  5. When you are finished, click Exit Select Mode to activate the other options on the Tools menu again.

Filtered view

If the view is filtered to highlight specific HCPs or HCOs, only those accounts are available for selection. When you draw the area to select accounts, the dimmed accounts are not included. This is helpful for copying or removing specific accounts.