Affiliation widget FAQs

Review the following frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the Affiliation widget.

Will widget data be overwritten by Veeva OpenData updates or ad hoc data loads?

Widget users can customize the affiliation data in the Influence Map and be assured that it will not change. However, if a record or relationship is invalidated, opted-out, or deleted by OpenData, it will not display on the canvas.

The following methods help you to control the data that displays:

  • Canvas filters - In the widget configuration, you can choose not to add additional relationships to the canvas if they are loaded to your Network instance.
  • Removing relationships - When relationships are removed, they are hidden from the canvas; there is no change to the data in Network.
  • Inactivated relationships - When relationships are inactivated by Veeva OpenData, they will remain on the canvas; the update does not impact your data.

Do I need to create custom HCP/HCO types to bypass the OpenData DCR process?

All HCPs and HCOs created from the affiliation widget are created as Under_Review so there is no delay for DCR processing; you can action the record immediately in the widget.

Why is the health system field a custom field?

The health system field is not a Veeva field to give you more flexibility in your data model. Your definition of a health system may vary from other customer's definitions. Also, you might want to focus on specific health system for a country. For example, you might focus on only 10 of several hundred available health systems in the United States.

Does a neutral affiliation direction indicate equal influence between HCPs?

A neutral affiliation is a relationship where there is no real influencer. For example, when two HCPs co-author a paper, there might not be an influence level.

Can I customize the metrics that display in the widget?

You can use any metrics. The metrics that we use in demos and documentation are examples. If you choose to use different metrics, remember that a maximum of four can be used in the widget.

How does the Account Link and Affiliation object work together?

The Account Link relationship object is used for the relationship between HCPs and HCOs (departments/group practices) to a health system/product/therapeutic area (for affiliation widget purposes). If there is an active Account Link relationship to the health system, then the HCP/HCO will be displayed. If there is not, then the HCP/HCO will not be displayed.

Tip: Use the Account Link object as a means to figure out which HCPs/HCOs should be displayed on the canvas (Health System/Product/Therapeutic area).