Data change requests

DCR attachments


Attachments can be added to add and change requests to provide supporting information or evidence that Data Stewards can use to quickly validate the requests.

In this release, the enhancements have been added to support users that submit data change requests (DCRs) and for Data Stewards that process the requests.

Enhancements for users submitting DCRs

  • Support increase in maximum file size

  • Support for more detailed image captions

  • General guidelines for safe DCR attachments

Enhancements for Data Stewards

  • Support for previewing .heif/.heic images on browsers

  • Previewing captions and images

Most of these enhancements are enabled by default in your Network instance. To increase the file size supported for attachments, contact Veeva Support.

Maximum file size

The maximum supported image size is 10MB per image by default for all Network instances.

To increase the maximum attachment file size for your Network instance, contact Veeva Support.

Image captions

Users can provide supporting details when they include attachments on DCRs. These details display as captions on DCRs. Captions can now support a maximum of 1000 characters so users can include additional details. Previously, the limit was 255 characters.

General guidelines for safe DCR attachments

The Apply Add Request dialog is updated to include guidance for images that can be attached to DCRs.

Ensure that attachments follow these guidelines:

  • Contain contact details from publicly available and accessible sources

  • Do not contain pictures of people

  • Do not contain offensive content

Support for HEIF image files

Network users can now preview .heif and .heic files that are a maximum of 8MB when they are processing DCRs on the browser. Previously, .heif and .hiec image attachments had to be downloaded from the Attachments tab and then viewed in another application.

Note: When users attach .heif and .heic files from the Profile page, a thumbnail image does not display

Preview captions and images

When Data Stewards hover over an image on the Attachments tab on the DCR, the full image caption now displays.

Data Stewards can now click the image on the Attachments tab to quickly open the preview.

The full caption displays on the image preview.

OpenData DCRs


Data change requests (DCRs) on Veeva OpenData records are no longer automatically rejected if they contain inactive or custom reference codes.

DCRs are now routed to OpenData data stewards to review. Data Stewards can edit the request and replace the reference code with a code that is active for that OpenData country.

This enhancement is enabled by default in your Network instance.