SAP Concur authentication


The SAP Concur Connector will be updated to use OAuth2 authentication in this release. The Network Concur Connector is currently using an API for Veeva OpenData downloads that SAP Concur is decommissioning on June 30, 2022. Using OAuth2, Network can access SAP Concur and continue using that function.

Existing customers will be automatically migrated to use OAuth2 authentication. New customers can create credentials that use OAuth2 to connect their Network instance to SAP Concur.

This enhancement is available by default in your Network instance.

Migrating existing Concur credentials

Network will automatically migrate existing customers to OAuth2 when the Concur Connector is used the first time after the release.

On the Concur Connector configuration, the Concur Credential displays the OAuth2 authentication credential.

Creating Concur credentials

When you create a Concur credential an activation code is generated. Add the code to SAP Concur to connect it to your Network instance.

Note: The credentials are specific to each Network instance, so this must be done on all your Sandbox and Production instances.

To create credentials to connect to SAP Concur:

  1. In the Admin Console, click Settings > External Credentials.

  2. Click Add Credentials and select Concur from the list. Click Continue.

  3. On the New External Credential page, type a Name for the Concur OAuth2 credentials.

  4. Click Generate Activation Code.

    The activation code displays in the box. Click the Copy icon to copy the code to your clipboard so you can paste it after you log into SAP Concur.

  5. Save your changes.

  6. Log into SAP Concur with your Web Services Admin user credentials.

  7. In the App Center, search for Veeva Network.

  8. Select the existing Veeva Network Connector app.

  9. On the Veeva Network Connector app listing page, click Connect.

  10. In the pop-up, accept the Terms and Conditions.
  11. In the landing page that is hosted by Network, paste the Activation Code that you generated in Network. Click Connect.

  12. A message displays when SAP Concur successfully connects to Network using the activation code. Click Done.

  13. In Network, return to the External Credentials page for Concur. The URL field is now populated. The URL depends on the region that your SAP Concur is hosted.

    Region URL
  14. Click Test Connection.

    When the Connection Successful displays, your Network instance is authenticated to SAP Concur.

Repeat this process for all of your Network instances.


When the migration to OAth2 occurs, it is automatically logged in the System Audit Log.

To review the migration in the log, look for ConcurOAuth2Migration in the Event Description column. The New Value is 10 the Old Value is 1.