What's new

The following key enhancements comprise the Veeva Network 22R1.1 minor release.

Network widgets
Hierarchy Explorer Several enhancements have been added to Hierarchy Explorer to improve your user experience.
Data Lineage
Current source column A new column identifies the current source for fields on the record.
Sub-object details Addresses, licenses, and parent HCOs now contain a summary so you can easily identify the correct sub-object.
Flattened hierarchies A new table called flat_hierarchy is added to Network reports to help you report on relationship hierarchies.  
File Explorer
Smart tables Open, view, and augment .csv files directly from the File Explorer.  
Data quality
Data cleansing Administrators and data managers can now define rules to cleanse and standardize data in fields.    
Data Model
New countries supported Veeva OpenData data models have been added for countries in Latin America and Asia Pacific.    
Data privacy opt out Veeva OpenData now manages HCP opt outs for several additional countries in the Asia Pacific region.    
Cluster management This feature now supports cluster data for Australia, Czech Republic, Portugal, and Slovakia.    
Primary addresses Define custom recalculation logic based on field conditions for Unique Checkbox primary address configurations.    
Field configurations The Default Value and NEX Rules fields are bigger so it is easier to view and manage those values.    
Data sources
DCR routing for third party systems Third party systems can support data change requests (DCRs) for customer managed fields on unverified records.    
Parent HCO When the Parent HCO object is managed by a third party system, the parent_hco_vid__v field is automatically set as a DCR enabled field.    
Veeva OpenData subscriptions
Export job error logs Administrators can export the job error log.    
Source subscriptions
Source file column headers Administrators and data managers can use a new property rule to format column headers to use either lowercase (default) or uppercase letters.    
Concur Connector The SAP Concur Connector is updated to use OAuth2 authentication.      
Match rule collections Administrators can create custom match rules to use in the Network API. Developers

Note: The System and Data Admin user has all the capabilities of the System Administrator and Data Steward users. Features and enhancements that apply to those users also apply to the System and Data Admin user.

Data Governance - Specific updates for fields and reference data are provided in the Veeva Network Data Governance release notes for every minor and major Network release.

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