Source subscriptions

Source file column headers


Administrators and data managers can use a new property rule to format the column headers that are loaded to use either lowercase (default) or uppercase letters. Currently, the column headers for source subscriptions are case-sensitive which can cause data loading issues.

This feature is not enabled by default.

Formatting case for column headers

To add case formatting to column headers:

  1. Open the source subscription configuration and click Advanced Mode.

  2. In the Module Properties field, add the following property:

    "parser.attribute.rules": "network:force_lowercase_attributes"


    "parser.attribute.rules": "network:force_uppercase_attributes"
  3. Save your changes.

When the subscription runs and the files are loaded, the column header values will be formatted to lowercase or uppercase letters.

Considerations for attributes

If you reference column headers in the source subscription configuration (for example, in NEX rules, Model Map, Field Normalization, or Transformation Queries sections), manually edit those references so they use the same case as the column headers in the file (uppercase or lowercase).