OpenData subscriptions

Export job error logs


Administrators can now export the job error log after an OpenData country subscription runs to further investigate the issues.

This enhancement is enabled by default in your Network instance.

Exporting the log file

The log is available on any country subscription job that had errors.

To export the log:

  1. In an OpenData country subscription, click a job ID in the Job History section.

  2. On the Job Details page, if errors occurred, the Job Error Log section displays. Click the Export Error Log button.

    The log downloads as a Microsoft® Excel® file to your local computer. The name format of the downloaded file is: <country_code>-OpenData-Subscription-<Job_ID>-Error-Log.xlsx.

    For example, an error log for a US OpenData subscription would be US-OpenData-Subscription-Job-46279-Error-Log.xlsx.

Error log details

The log contains a maximum of 500,000 rows. The errors do not display in any specific order.

The following columns are included in the log file:

  • Job ID - The ID of the OpenData subscription job.

  • Timestamp - The data and time the job ran.

  • Entity ID - The Veeva ID (VID) of the object or sub-object.

    In some cases, an error occurs and the record cannot be loaded/processed so no VID can be found and cannot be displayed here. In these cases, the column will show the best 'identifier' information it can. For example, it might display Address:7 to indicate an error was encountered for the seventh address record on a new, incoming record.

    In other cases, the error is due to something about the job and the fact it couldn't run or it was canceled. In those cases, the column will list the job ID in the first column (@job:46279).

  • Level - The issue level: WARN, INFO, or ERROR.

  • Stage - The processing stage that the error occurred.

  • Rule - The Network rule that triggered the error. For example, [entity.model.rules:ADDRESS]:IF( address_type__v == 'M', REJECT()).

  • Code - The Network error code.

  • Message - An explanation of the error.

  • Parameters - VID and object information, when applicable.