Exporting from search


You can export search results to a .csv file so the data can be referenced offline or redistributed.

Exports include the following data:

  • Data model fields - All fields from the global data model are exported. As new fields are added, they are automatically included.
  • Sub-objects - Two licenses, addresses, and Parent HCO records are exported.

    To separate the two fields in the exported file, the first field ends -1 and the second ends -2; for example, address_type__v-1 and address_type__v-2.

    Rules are defined for each sub-object to determine which two licenses, addresses, and Parent HCOs are included in the export.


    1. Ordinal: Sort by the listed ordinal in ascending order (address_ordinal__v field).
    2. Status: Choose Active (A) addresses before Inactive (I) addresses (address_status__v field).
    3. Address Type: Choose records set to Professional (P) before Professional and Preferred Mail (B) before Mail only (M) before Address (U) (address_type__v field).


    1. Best State License: Choose records where this field is set to Yes/True (Y), followed by records where it is set to No/False (N) (best_state_license__v field) .
    2. Status: Choose Active (A) licenses before Inactive (I) licenses before Status Unknown (X) (license_status__v field).
    3. Date: Choose licenses based on most recent modified date.

    Parent HCO:

    1. Primary Relationship: Choose records where this field is set to Yes/True (Y), followed by records where it is set to No/False (N) (is_primary_relationship__v field).
    2. Status: Choose Active (A) Parent HCOs before Inactive (I) Parent HCOs (parent_hco_status__v field).
    3. Date: Choose Parent HCOs based on most recent modified date.

Export search results

After you search for an entity, perform the following steps to export the results:

  1. Select one or more of the search results, or click the checkbox. By default, the checkbox selects all records on the current page. Click the down arrow to change the selection to All or None.

    Note: Only 500 records can be exported at one time. If you choose All and more than 500 records are selected, an error occurs.

  2. At the top of the page, click Export.
  3. Click OK to confirm the export. A message displays at the top of the page indicating that the export is in progress. When it completes, a file is saved to your local file system.
    • If your selections include both HCOs and HCPs, a .zip file is downloaded.

    • If your selections include only HCOs or only HCPs, one .csv file is downloaded

  4. Open the .csv file in a spreadsheet application to view the results.