Multi-country HCPs


On the profile page, a link called Multi-country HCP displays on Veeva OpenData records when an HCP has a record in another country.

Some health care professionals practice in more than one country. In these situations, HCPs have a record for each country that they practice in so that country-specific data like local IDs and contact details is contained. However, it is valuable to know that records are for the same person; for example, for transparency reporting or for GDPR compliance (when HCPs request to have their data removed). The Multi-country HCP link enables you to easily identify and access records in other countries for the same HCP.

Enable the feature

This feature is available in your Network instance if you subscribe to Veeva OpenData records. It is not supported for locally managed or third party managed records.

A new field, link_vid__v, is included in the Veeva OpenData subscription. Administrators must enable the field so the Multi-country HCP link can display on the profile page.

To enable the field:

  1. In the Admin console, click Data Model > Data Domains and choose the Customer Master domain.
  2. Click the Health Care Professional object.
  3. In the Fields section, find the link_vid__v field.
  4. Click the Disabled icon.

The icon changes to the Enabled state to indicate that the field is now enabled.

In your Network instance, the field is populated for any HCPs that have records in more than one country and that OpenData has identified as a multi-country HCP. Only a very small number of HCPs have records in more than one country. For most HCP records managed by Veeva OpenData, the value of the field will be null and the Multi-country HCP link will not display on the HCP profile page.

The link_id__v field is available in the Network API and for target subscriptions because this information can be useful in downstream applications (for example, reporting tools and data warehouses).

View multi-country HCP records

The Multi-country HCP link is available only on Veeva OpenData records. You can view multi-country HCPs that you have access to through your data visibility profile. Also, you must have a subscription for the country to view the linked record.

On an HCP's profile page, the count of records in other countries displays in the summary header. If the HCP is not linked to a record in another country, the icon and link does not display.

Click the Multi-country HCP link to see the related records. The information is read-only. Click the HCP name to open that record in a new browser window.

If you do not have access to a multi-country HCP record through your data visibility profile only the primary country and link ID displays in the pop-up window.

Records that display as multi-country HCPs

It's useful to see multi-country HCP records, even if the record is no longer active. For example, an HCP might move from one country to another. OpenData will inactivate the HCP's record for the original country and create a new record for the new country. Linking the two records ensures that you can see that the HCP is the same person.

The following types of HCP records can display as a multi-country HCP:

  • active
  • inactive
  • retired
  • deceased
  • valid

Records that are invalid, deleted, merged, and opted-out do not display.

Add multi-country records

The link_vid__v field is managed by Veeva OpenData only. Data change requests cannot be submitted for the field and it cannot be updated using the Network API or through source subscriptions.

To advise OpenData about a multi-country HCP, contact Veeva Support.

Report on multi-country HCPs

If you have access to the SQL Query Editor (Reports), you can create a report to find the multi-country HCPs in your Network instance.

Use the following query:

        hcp.link_vid__v IS NOT NULL

Example query results