Data privacy opt out date


The date that the data privacy opt out flag is set to True is captured in a field so you can easily see the date in record profiles and use it in reporting queries.

Opt out date fields

The HCP object contains two data model fields:

  • data_privacy_opt_out_date__v - Opt out date for OpenData -managed opt-outs.

  • data_privacy_opt_out_date__c - Opt out date for customer-managed opt-outs

The fields are populated with the date whenever a record is opted-out through a change request (on the profile page or using the API) or through a source subscription.

Standard field for OpenData opt-outs

The data_privacy_opt_out_date__v has the following behavior:

  • Automatically enabled for every country that uses the data_privacy_opt_out__v flag.

  • Captures the date that the opted-out flag was set to True by Veeva OpenData.

  • Is read-only.

  • Automatically added to standard profile layouts so it displays on record profiles. It can be added to custom profile layouts.

Custom field for local opt-outs

The data_privacy_opt_out_date__c field has the following behavior:

  • Not enabled by default. It can be enabled for any countries that already use the data privacy opt-out flag, data_privacy_opt_out__c. If you enable the opt-out flag for a country, you should enable the data_privacy_opt_out_date__c field as well.

  • Captures the date that the opted-out flag is set to True in your Network instance.

  • Is read-only.

    When the field was released in version 20R3.1, it could be backfilled with the dates of previous opt outs. The field became read-only in version 21R3.0.

  • Can be added to custom profile layouts so it displays on record profiles; it is not automatically added.

  • Can be updated using source subscriptions.

  • Date value will be blanked-out if the data_privacy_opt_out__c flag is changed from Yes/True to No/False or No Value,

Timezone considerations

The date and time that displays on the record profile might be different from the date and time that was loaded into the source subscription. This is expected.

The date and time that displays on record profiles uses the timezone of your local computer. The source subscription loads the opt out date using the GMT timezone - the provided SQL query intentionally specifies the timezone using 'Z' (GMT). So, all users (except users whose computer is in GMT timezone) will see an offset between the date/time that was loaded and the date/time that displays on the record profile.