HCO icons


HCOs have many icons to help you easily differentiate HCO types. For example, the icons help you identify an HCO from search results when HCOs have the same name but different types. The icons are used for all record owner types (local, Veeva OpenData, third party data providers) and all record states.

These specific HCO icons are used throughout the Network UI, the Network Portal, and Network widgets. They are enabled by default.

Icon mapping to HCO type

For consistency, the icons are the same icons that are used in Veeva CRM. Only the new Health System icon is different because it is specific to Network.

HCO Type   HCO Type Name Reference Code
Dentistry Organization, Dentistry Group 4:18
Distributor Distributor, Medical Equipment 6:2
Distributor, General 6:1
Distributors, General 4_4
 Extended Care   Hospice 4_71
Nursing Home with Pharmacy NHP
Organization, Nursing Home / Long Term Care 4:8
Organization, Residential Facility 4:31
Organization, Hospice 4:41
Organization, Other Residential Long-Term Care Facilities 4_95
Government Agency Government Agency, General 26:1
Government Agency, Health Department 26:4
Government Agency, Federal Military 26:9
Government Agency, Federal Public Health Service 26:11
Government Agency, Federal VA 26:13
Government Agency, Federal Indian Health Service 26:12
Government Agency, EMS Department 26:7
Government Agency, State Medicaid Program 26:2
Health Authority/Board 28:1
Health Care System Administration, Government Health Administration 36_1
Health Care System Administration, Other Administration Agencies 36_4
Organization, Government 4:13
Group Practice Walk-In Clinic 4:44
Organization, Clinic 4:5
Organization, Dept at Clinic 4_55
Organization, Group Practice 4:4
Organization, Group at Hospital 4:2
Organization, PHS Outpatient 4:42
Organization, Chiropractic Group 4:25
Organization, Podiatry Group 4:27
Ambulatory Surgery Center 45_1
Organization, Alternative Medicine Group 4:26
Organization, Occupational Therapy Group 4:28
Primary-level Medical and Health Care Institutions, Community Health Service Center 3_2
Primary-level Medical and Health Care Institutions, Village Clinic 3_1
Primary-level Medical and Health Care Institutions, Clinic/Healthy Center 3_4
Organization, Single Private Practice 4_91
Organization, Shared Practice 4_41
Health Systems


Organization, Health System 4:37
Legal owning entity of hospitals and clinics LE
NHS Trust 36_10
Commissioning Region 36_7
Clinical Commissioning Group 36_6
Area Team 36_5
Health Boards/Trusts (Devolved UK nations) HB
Hospital Organization, Hospital 4:6
Organization, CMS Teaching Hospital 4:35
Hospital, Mental Health 32_23
Hospital, General Hospitals 32_22
Mental Health Hospital 1_7
Children's Hospital 1_3
Hospital, Other Specialized 32_11
Hospital, Teaching and University 4_56
Hospital, Oncology 1_21
Hospital, Dermatology 1_10
Hospital, Military 1_1
 Hospital Department   Department 5
Organization, Clinic at Hospital 4:7
Organization, Dept at Hospital 4:1
Infusion Centers Blood Transfusion Centers 3_6
Dialysis & Infusion Center 29:1
Dialysis & Infusion Centers, Other 29:98
Dialysis & Infusion Centers, Corporate Office 29:99
Dialysis & Infusion Centers, Hospital-based Dialysis/Infusion 29:2
Institution Education Establishment 4:12
Medical School, Dental 14:5
Medical School, General 14:1
Medical School, Nursing 14:6
Medical School, Other 14:98
Medical School, Pharmacy 14:10
Medical School, Psychology 14:14
Residency Program, Residency 15:1
 Laboratory   Ancillary Services, Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories 33_2
Imaging Center 4:88
Organization, Lab 4:10
 Pharmacy   Drugstore (OTC Only) 11_13
Pharmacy, Community 11_18
Pharmacy, Compounding Pharmacy 11:12
Pharmacy, Corporate Office 11:99
Pharmacy Group 11_14
Pharmacy, Home Health 11:3
Pharmacy, Hospital 11:2
Pharmacy, Large Retail Chain 11_15
Pharmacy, Long Term Care Pharmacy Provider 11:5
Pharmacy, Mail Order Pharmacy 11:4
Pharmacy, Oncology Specialty Pharmacy 11:7
Pharmacy, Other 11:98
Pharmacy, Other Specialty Clinic 11:97
Pharmacy, Pharmacy Benefit Mgmt Org 11:6
Pharmacy, Retail 11:1
Pharmacy, Retail Multiple 11_16
Pharmacy, Retail Sellers and Suppliers 11:96
Pharmacy, Specialty Pharmacy 11:10

All other HCO types will retain the current Network HCO icon.

This includes custom HCO types and HCO's that have no HCO type value.



Hovering over the icon displays the HCO type and the record state or status to match the badge displayed on the icon. This could include the Privacy Opt-Out or Candidate Record indication.