Reporting on DCR comments


Network users with access to advanced ad hoc queries can report on comments in DCRs. This is particularly helpful for teams so that they can verify data quality by validating the correctness of the data based on the comments that have been added to the DCR. A new table, change_request_comment, has been added to the reporting schema to support this enhancement.

Applicable DCRs

DCR comments will be available for DCRs that have been touched, modified, or completed from version 18R1.1 and onwards; comments will not be available in reports for DCRs that were last touched, modified, or completed prior to this release. The created date of the DCR and the created date of the DCR comment are irrelevant.

If you would like to know when the DCR was completed, this can be found in the change_request table.

You can run the following query:

SELECT change_request_comment.*,
FROM change_request
  INNER JOIN change_request_comment ON change_request.change_request_id = change_request_comment.change_request_id

Run a report

To report on DCR comments, use the change_request_comment table in your advanced SQL query.


select * from change_request_comment order by created_date asc

This query result returns four columns: the DCR ID, comment, date, and DCR creator. The Has Image column identifies if the DCR comments included images.

Data validation errors are logged as comments by Network, so these will also display in the report.