Match rules


Match rules are set by a system administrator for each source subscription. These rules use varying levels of confidence, from fuzzyClosed Matching that is not exact; a comparison of similar values (for example Smith/Smyth) depending on match rules set by the customer administrator. to strict, to determine which fields in a record are considered a possible match. Together they define the threshold at which a match is considered suspect.

Specifically, match rules might allow slight variations in names, nicknames, or specialties, while insisting on exact matches for key identifying information, such as a license number.

Match considerations

A number of scenarios apply when name matching takes place:

Scenario Description Applies to Example
Misspelled names Matches will consider potential misspellings as a result of additional or substituted letters. HCP Smyth/Smythe, Phillip/Philip, Stephen/Steven
Transposed letters Matches will consider typos as a result of transposed letters. HCO, HCP Hopsital/Hospital, Stacey/Stacye
Initials Matches will allow initials used for the first name or middle name, as well as for nickname initials. HCP James E Gardner/James Elliot Gardner/JE Gardner
Titles and honorifics Matches will occur regardless of titles or honorifics. HCP Dr James Gardner/James Gardner, Ms E Spenser/E Spenser
Missing names Matches will occur regardless of middle name inclusion. HCP Emily Anne Spenser/Emily Spenser
Varied segmentation Matches will consider segmentation, including names that may or may not include a space or hyphen between them. HCP Mary Lou/Mary-Lou/MaryLou
Generation Matches are considered less likely if a generation indicator is not the same, or is omitted. Names with numeric indicators (for example, "the 2nd" or "II") are also considered. HCO, HCP Fred Smith Jr/Fred, Smith/Fred Smith Jnr, King George Hospital/King George V Hospital
Double names Matches are considered for names that consist of two components but are not always shown. HCP Jean-Claude Decloux/Jean Decloux/Claude Decloux
Abbreviations Matches consider abbreviations in an organization's name. HCO GSK/GlaxoSmithKline
Truncated names Matches consider names that may have been truncated. HCO Baptist Medical Center/Bapt Med Ctr
Place abbreviations Matches consider place names that have been abbreviated. HCO Pennsylvania Hospital/Penn Hospital/PA Hospital
Extraneous information Matches distinguish between an organization's name and potentially extraneous information, such as a specialty, in the name. HCO Sick Kids Toronto - Surgery/Sick Kids Toronto

The following scenarios are considered for address matching:

Scenario Description Applies to Example
Street address similarity Matches consider slight variations in street names, including spelling differences and directional information. HCO, HCP Main Street/Main Street E/Main Street West
Country specifics Matches consider rules specific to the country to which the address belongs. Information such as postal code or house number would be considered particularly important for matching in certain locales. HCO, HCP -

The following scenarios are considered for identifier matching:

Scenario Description Applies to Example
Exact matches Matches are required to have an exact match for certain identifiers, with potentially minor differences. HCO, HCP -
Transposed numbers Matches will consider identifiers with minor instances of transposition. HCO, HCP 1234567/1234657
Identifier type Matches will consider only matches for identifiers against other identifiers of the same type. HCO, HCP NPI vs NPI, AMA vs AMA