Multiple master DCR routing

When your Network instance is enabled for multiple masters, Network uses the HCO/HCP type and country to know where to route add and change requests.

When the DCR contains the HCO or HCP type, Network identifies the owner using the definitions in the Veeva OpenData subscription or third party master system configuration.

If there is no HCO or HCP type defined (Null), Network uses business logic to know where to route the DCR for stewarding.

Routing DCRs for Parent HCOs

When add requests are submitted for ParentHCO objects, the DCR is routed to the master data stewards only if the child and parent entity have the same owner; otherwise, the DCR is routed to local data stewards for review. Similarly, if the child entity (owned by Veeva OpenData) is changed at the same time that a ParentHCO is added (parent entity is owned by a third party master), the change request and add request are routed to different data stewards. The change request is routed to Veeva OpenData for stewarding and the ParentHCO is routed to local data stewards.