Controlling merges

Administrators can define specific dates to sync merges from Veeva OpenData by entity type. Some downstream systems can only handle merges at specific times, so this ensures that customer instances can receive regular data updates from Veeva OpenData, but merges are not synced until the scheduled time. Merge sync control is specific to China only; other countries are not impacted by this enhancement.

This feature is available in Veeva OpenData subscriptions for China by default.

Restrict merges

When administrators restrict merges, customer instances are updated with Veeva OpenData, but merges are not synced. When the subscription runs, any merges are recorded and saved. The merges from Veeva OpenData are only synced on the scheduled date and time.

To restrict merges:

  1. In the Admin console, click System Interfaces > Veeva OpenData Subscriptions.
  2. Click China from the country list.
  3. In the Merge Sync section, select Restrict merges from OpenData.

  4. To define a time when merges can be synced in the customer instance, click add a schedule.
  5. Define the schedule, by entity type, for merges to sync. The scheduled time is based on the user's local server.

    Ensure that schedules are spaced apart. If one merge sync job is still running when a second job is scheduled to start, the second job will fail.

    Note: You must define a Merge Sync schedule for both HCP and HCO entities. Merge restriction cannot be enabled for only one entity.

  6. Click Done. The schedule displays in the Merge Sync section.

  7. Save your changes.

When merge schedules run, the details can be viewed in the Job History section, at the bottom of the Veeva OpenData subscription for China. The Type column indicates which merge job ran; for example: MERGE_CONTROL_HCP.

Parent HCO considerations

When a Merge Sync job runs, no parent HCOs will be downloaded. The job ignores level of parents selected in the Parent HCOs setting. This ensures that no HCOs are downloaded if you are merging HCPs.