Invalidating mail only addresses


Mail only addresses on Veeva OpenData records can now be invalidated automatically. Network Expression rules can be used to invalidate these addresses after they are downloaded from Veeva OpenData but if the addresses are merged into other addresses in the OpenData instance, those updates will not occur in your Network instance.

Using this feature, mail-only addresses from OpenData subscriptions, ad hoc download jobs, and change requests are automatically updated to the INVALID record state after merge updates.

Additionally, the feature ensures that invalid addresses are not set as primary addresses. Custom keys are not inactivated when mail-only addresses are invalidated.

Enable this feature

This feature is not enabled by default. To enable the feature, contact Veeva Support.

Important: Before the feature can be enabled, any Network Expression rules that drop or invalidate mail only addresses must be removed from your Network instance. Create a Veeva Support ticket to have the rules removed.