Updating repointed Parent HCOs

When required, Veeva OpenData changes the parent in a ParentHCO relationship to a new HCO. If your Network instance does not contain the new Parent HCO, this might result in ParentHCO relationships pointing to a record that does not exist in your Network instance.

To ensure that ParentHCO relationships are complete, you can select the Download repointed ParentHCOs option in the Veeva OpenData subscription so the record can be downloaded even if it does not meet your Veeva OpenData subscription filters or working set.


If your Veeva OpenData subscription filters or working set are defined to only download Veterinary HCOs, but a relationship has changed so an HCP now has a Parent HCO that is a General Hospital, the General Hospital will be downloaded to your Network instance so you receive the latest relationship data.

The Download repointed Parent HCOs option is available in the Veeva OpenData subscription.