Routing add requests

Administrators can configure their Veeva OpenData subscriptions to route add requests with specific HCO/HCP types to local data stewards.

If you use the Veeva-owned HCO/HCP types instead of custom types for local records, add requests containing these HCO/HCP types are automatically routed to Veeva OpenData. You can exclude those HCO/HCP types from the Veeva OpenData subscription so that any add requests containing those types are routed to your local data stewards.

This feature is not enabled by default. To enable the feature, contact Veeva Support.

Add request routing workflow

HCO and HCP types are reference codes defined by the HCOType and HCPType reference types (Data Model > Reference Data). To use the codes for local records, you can add the HCO/HCP type to the Exclude list in the Veeva OpenData subscription. When users submit add requests, Network work does a series of checks to identify where the add request should be routed for stewarding. Add requests for third party managed reference codes are not considered for this routing.

Review the following diagram to understand how Network will appropriately route add requests.

Add request configuration

To specify the HCO/HCP types in add requests that you want to be routed to local data stewards:

  1. In the Admin console, click System Interfaces > Veeva OpenData Subscriptions.

  2. Select the country that you want to update.

  3. On the subscription page, scroll to the Add requests routing to Veeva OpenData section.

  4. In the HCP/HCO sections, click the + Add Exceptions to Add Request Routing link.

  5. Click the Exclude field and select the types that you want to add to the list.

  6. When you have finished your selections, save your changes.

When users submit add requests containing any of the HCO/HCP types that you have selected to exclude from Veeva OpenData stewardship, the add requests will be routed to local data stewards.