Supported scenarios for the Concur Connector


SAP ConcurĀ® users can search the Network instance to transfer health care provider (HCP) data to their SAP Concur expense reports.

The Network - SAP Concur configuration supports the following scenarios:

  • One Network instance with one SAP Concur instance

    SAP Concur attendee types are mapped to a Network instance so users can search for HCP data.

    This is the recommended deployment model.

  • One Network instance integrated with two or more SAP Concur instances

    Network supports connecting multiple SAP Concur environments to a single Network instance. This enables SAP Concur customers to coordinate prescriber expenses with other geographies or companies that have their own SAP Concur instances.

    In this scenario, each SAP Concur environment is linked to a unique Network integration user and source system.

    An integration user is assigned to the SAP Concur environment because each user has their own set of data visibility profiles that define what HCPs they can search for. The integration user also defines which SAP Concur environment to use on the inbound search request, so that their search can be personalized by country and language.

    The source system is assigned to the SAP Concur environment for downloading Veeva OpenData records and for reference aliases.

    • Veeva OpenData records - When SAP Concur users add HCP attendees to SAP Concur expense reports, if the HCP record doesn't exist in the Network instance, it is downloaded to the instance. Each SAP Concur environment can define how often Veeva OpenData records are downloaded.
    • Reference aliases - Each source system can have their own set of reference aliases that can be applied to the SAP Concur environment (for example, Specialty). This ensures that field mappings can be unique.

    A source system and integration user can be assigned to one SAP Concur environment only.