Alternate field for hashtags in CRM

Network hashtags are stored in the Account Identifier field in CRM, by default. If you already have data in that field, you can choose to store hashtags in an alternate custom field.

To support an alternate field for hashtags in CRM, Network has a new field called CRM Hashtags (crm_hashtags __v). You can map this Network field to your custom field in CRM. When the Network Bridge runs, hashtags are calculated in the Network field and are pushed to CRM to display in the custom field.

The CRM Hashtags field is disabled by default. To enable it for your Network instance, contact Veeva Support.

About the Network field

The CRM Hashtags field can be enabled for HCP and HCO objects (Data Model). The field is read-only; it cannot be edited by submitting a data change request.

The field value is empty in target subscriptions and throughout the Network application (for example, Network Reporting) because hashtags are dynamically calculated.

Veeva CRM configuration

To use the crm_hashtags__v field, configure CRM to accept the field from the Network Bridge.

Field mapping

Map the crm_hashtags __v field in Network to the custom field in CRM.


In this example, the crm_hashtags __v field in Network is mapped to a custom field in CRM called Network_Hashtags__c.

CRM Field API Name Network Field API Name
Network_Hashtags__c crm_hashtags__v

For details, see Network field mapping in the Veeva CRM Online Help.

Network Managed Account Identifier

This Network setting in CRM must be set to 1 or 2.

Setting value1

If the Network Managed Account Identifier Network Setting is set to 1, only the alternate custom field, for example, Network_hashtags__c, is populated with hashtags in CRM.

Veeva ID field Network_hashtags__c
942356340136150623 #md #npi #physician #salesdata #targetAllergy #targetOncology #targetNeurology #targetUrology
942356333379585631 #nurse

Example - Network Account Search


Setting value 2

If the Network Managed Account Identifier Network Setting is set to 2, the Account_Identifier_vod__c field and the alternate custom field (Network_hashtags__c) are populated with hashtags in CRM.

Note: There is no maximum length for the Network_hashtags__c custom field so additional hashtags might display.

Veeva ID field Account_Identifier_vod__c (max length: 80) Network_hashtags__c
942356340136150623 #md #npi #physician #salesdata #targetAllergy #targetOncology #targetNeurology #md #npi #physician #salesdata #targetAllergy #targetOncology #targetNeurology #targetUrology
942356333379585631 #nurse #nurse


For details about this setting, see Network hashtags in CRM in the Veeva CRM Online Help.

Network Bridge

When the Network Bridge runs, it validates that the crm_hashtags__v field is enabled in Network and that the CRM configuration is complete to determine if the hashtag values should be updated in CRM.

The field is supported for:

  • CRM Windows

  • CRM Online

  • CRM for iPad


The Account Identifier field is used to store an alternate key, so the Network Hashtags custom field is enabled and populated with the hashtags for this account.