State License mappings

The Network State License Mappings includes the rxa_eligible__v field and the license_eligibility__v field, which reflects an HCP's prescriptive authority. The RXA eligible field identifies an HCP's sample authority eligibility by state, degree, and license. Sample eligibility and prescriptive authority can be different, depending on state laws.

The RXA eligible information is available when you download an account using Network Account Search and when you import an account from a New Account DCR.

You can customize your CRM sample formulas to use one or both sample eligibility fields to determine which information to use to know if an HCP is eligible to receive samples.

License Mapping

Mapping Network (License) Veeva CRM (address_vod__c)
Existing mapping Prescriptive Authority license_eligibility__v Network Prescriptive Authority Network_Sample_Eligibility_vod__c
New mapping Sample Eligibility rxa_eligible__v Network RXA Eligible Network_RXA_Eligible_vod__c (new field)

For more information, see the Licenses topic in the Veeva CRM Online Help.