View Network task activity


The Task Audit History page displays details for all task activities generated by users or system events. These events include new or updated change requests and all activities resulting from the events.

To visit the Task Audit History page:

  • Data Stewards and Data Managers: From the Inbox, click the icon at the top right of the view and select Task Audit History.
  • Administrators: From the Admin console, click Logs > Task Audit History.

By default, up to 50 entries for the past day display.

Each task includes the following information:

  • ID - a unique ID for the task event.
  • Task ID - the ID for the task, which may include multiple events. The task ID is typically the same for each stage of task processing. Click this ID to display the related job summary.
  • Action Date - the date stamp for the task event.
  • Action Type - the type of action or event that occurred.
  • User Name - the initiator of the task: either a user name, System, or VaultCRM.
  • Related Items - the related job ID. Click the ID to open its Job Details page.
  • Message - a message describing the event. If a change request includes images, the attachment count appears below the message. When a change request is routed to a master instance, the message identifies the name of the third-party master; the master system name is also included in the change request.

    Tip: If the content is too long for the column, hover over the cell to display a tooltip containing the full text.

The possible values listed here include the most common values for each column. If you don't see the definition for a value that appears in an audit history log in your instance, let us know.

Filter by date

To view results for a specific time period, perform one of the following actions:

Choose a range from the Date range and To fields and click the Get History button.

Click the Choose time period drop down list and select a predefined period; for example, Last 7 days.

Filter by ID

Use the Task Audit History filters in the left navigation to refine the audit history by corresponding ID values.

Specify one or more values and click the Filter button to refine the list. You can click the clear link to start over.

Note: Data stewards do not see the Job ID field.

Export the audit history

You can export the audit history to your local file system by clicking the Export button.

This downloads the refined history as a .csv file that you can open using a spreadsheet application.