View Network login activity


The Login Audit History page displays all user logins and password activity, ordered by the most recent events. These events include details such as time stamps, user names, and event types.

Administrators can access the Login Audit History page by clicking Logs > Login Audit History.

By default, up to 50 entries for the past day display.

Each event includes the following information:

  • Timestamp - the date stamp for the login event.
  • User Name - the initiator of the event: either a user name or System.
  • User Type - the role of the user that initiated the event.
  • Source IP - the IP address of the user that initiated the event.
  • Type and Status - the type of event that occurred, and its resulting status.
  • Browser - the initiating user's browser and version.
  • Platform - the initiating user's operating system and version.

The possible values listed here include the most common values for each column. If you don't see the definition for a value that appears in an audit history log in your instance, let us know.

Filter by date

To view results for a specific time period, perform one of the following actions:

Choose a range from the Date range and To fields and click the Get History button.

Click the Choose time period drop down list and select a predefined period; for example, Last 7 days.

Filter by user name or type

Use the Username or User Type filters at the top of the history to refine the audit history by a specific user name or user role. User names and types are sorted alphabetically.

Click a drop down list, select one or more values from the list, and click the Get History button to refine the list. You can click the Reset button to start over.

Note: You can select one value from the Username drop down list, and multiple values from the User Type drop down list.

Export the audit history

You can export the audit history to your local file system by clicking the Export button.

This downloads the refined history as a .csv file that you can open using a spreadsheet application.